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Snacks of Substance was born out of sheer necessity, the snack
choices of healthy and measly or healthy and boring or a 100 calorie
processed sugary snack, just wasn’t cutting it. After years of perusing
the store aisles in search of this mythical snack it finally dawned on me, it wasn’t coming.

This was the genesis of creating my ideal snack, one that would be healthy 
but indulgent and yet be satiating.  
Though something to know about me is I'm not a"halfsies" kinda person. When it says two portions and it's in one bag it's consumed in one eating so for a snack to be satiating it was going to have to be one, real person, size portion. 

I started from the ground up using the best all-natural ingredients with a goal of making snacks that: 
-Delivered on taste  
-Delivered on calories that count with, high protein and low sugar  
-Delivered on satisfaction and with this, I mean snacks that deliver in heartiness or in plain English not, "snack size." 
Lots of eating and untold recipes later my wish list has been baked into
these 100 calorie snacks.
Hugs and High Fives,
Johanna  M. Rustia | Founder



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